The vision of the Chocolate hotel to be as we now lovingly call the Saint Nicolas, has been one of multiple firsts for the management and operational team of the hotel. This hotel has gone through many permutations but has stood the test of time in the place where many Brusseleux remember the property. Nowadays located in the extended pedestrian zone of the wider Brussels centre, just off the famous Grand Place and near by to the not any less known Manequin the Hôtel Saint Nicolas is undergoing a life changing upgrade to its interior. Not only the rooms will get a complete overhaul but also public areas and its back yard is planned for transformation beyond recognition. The determination and meticulous thought of the owning team does not stop at the design though - a long term plan for enhancing service and serviceability is put in place to get the service to match the high quality interior. The future is now - come visit us today and be part of the transformation.

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Brussels is widely known for several things amongst one of the most sweet of them is its chocolate. Hotel Saint Nicolas in Brussels is now officially The Chocolate Hotel.


Double or Twin Traditional Room

The traditional economy rooms at the Hotel Saint Nicolas - offer budget accommodation in the centre of Brussels.

Brussels Apartments

This apartments at the Hotel Saint Nicolas offer space in the heart of town. Downtown space suitable for long term rentals as well as families on the go.


Brussels Chocolate Theme

The new generation of bedrooms at the Hôtel Saint Nicolas